Training & Consultation

Anu can present training and provide consultation to public and private partners. Topics which we can provide training & consultation on include:

  • Grief, Loss and Trauma.
  • Creating a Permanence-driven Organization.
  • Intensive Permanence Services Toolbox.
  • Permanence-driven Supervision.
  • Promoting Child Wellbeing.
  • Recruiting Foster Parents as Healers.
  • Promoting Workforce Wellbeing-Addressing Burnout and Secondary Traumatic Stress.
  • The Present Moment Parenting Parent Coaching Model - Parent Coaching Certification
  • And many other topics in the areas of permanence and wellbeing.

CEO Mechele Pitt and other key staff offer a variety of trainings. 

-All trainings are specifically customized to the audience.
-Training lengths vary from 1 hour to full days, or multiple days; depending on topics and need.
-Several topics may be combined in a single presentation.

To request training, or to find out more, please contact Mechele Pitt directly at

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