Become a partner with Anu Healing Professionals

“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much.” ~Helen Keller

Relationships are central to health, wellbeing, wellness, and healing. Isolation is fatal in the human species; therefore, partnering and collaborating advances the mission of our work and feeds the human need to connect. We invite you to join us in advancing the health, wellbeing, and healing of the children, adults, and families we serve.

We welcome the opportunity to partner with like-minded organizations and individuals. Here is what we have to offer:

  • A link to your organization on the Anu Family Services website, an integral part of our communication with our licensed foster parents, staff, and public and private partners.
  • Training: As a Collaborative Partner, you will be invited to attend Anu-sponsored training on topics such as Grief and Loss, Trauma: Impact on Child Development, Pain-Based Behaviors, Therapeutic Crisis Intervention, Present Moment Parenting, Parent Coaching, Foster Care Foundations, Child Sexual Abuse, Medication Administration, Suicide Prevention, and more.
  • Preferred Provider status on the Wellness Providers section of our website.
  • We will “Like” you on our Anu Facebook page to identify your workplace as a Collaborative Partner agency.
  • Referrals to your business or organization from our email list of over 2,000 individuals and organizations in Minnesota and Wisconsin.
  • Awareness of the wellbeing movement and advancement of this message in our communities and society as a whole.
  • Connections with other like-minded organizations, groups, and individuals.

If you would like to become a Healing Partner with Anu Family Services, please contact us. 

Featured Healing Champions

Living Well Counseling Services

Lori Nebel, MS, LPC from Living Well utilizes EMDR and Brainspotting, among other approaches, to help children and adults heal from past trauma and to live a life that is meaningful, full of purpose of contentment. Her practice is located in Madison, WI. For more information about Lori and Living Well Counseling Services, please visit

Triquestrian LLC: Growing and Learning with Horses

Triquestrian’s mission is to provide an opportunity for growth and learning through the power of horses to the community. We believe horses have the ability to help us experience and explore life from a unique perspective creating opportunities for growing, learning, and healing.

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy provides an experiential learning opportunity for clients. Because of its’ experiential nature, it allows a different level of exploration and integration of mind, body, and spirit that is oftentimes difficult to reach within traditional treatment settings. This strengths-based perspective works with individuals to unlock their own solutions building on the resources each individual has in themselves, their lives, their support systems, and their community.

Come, join us and experience the power of the herd!

Wisconsin Women’s Health Foundation

Established by Sue Ann Thompson in 1997, The Wisconsin Women’s Health Foundation holds the goals of reaching all Wisconsin women with the information, opportunities and support they need to be healthy, encouraging women to become advocates for their own health and improving the overall quality of life for women and their families.

The Foundation strives to accomplish their goals in the following ways:

  • Provide programs and conduct forums that focus on education, prevention and early detection.
  • Serve as the leading organization for connecting individuals to resources that directly address the greatest threats to women’s health: cancer, cardiovascular disease, domestic abuse, mental illness, osteoporosis, and tobacco and alcohol use.
  • Produce and distribute the most up-to-date educational and resource materials about women’s health.
  • Award grants and scholarships to women health researchers and related community non-profits.
  • Connect thousands of urban and rural women with the community resources they need, and bring critical health information to all corners of the state.
  • Anu Family Services is proud to partner with the Wisconsin Women’s Health Foundation to support the mission of both organizations.

Trinity Equestrian Center: Eau Claire, WI

Trinity Equestrian Center is Eau Claire’s only full service horse center offering therapeutic horse riding,horse therapy programs, boarding, lessons, youth mentoring, summer camps, and a child care program.

The moment you arrive at the Trinity Equestrian Center, you sense the difference. It is a place of obvious beauty, with its miles of white fencing, green pastures, and gorgeous horses. Far more important, however, is what you sense but don’t see; Trinity is a place where tiny miracles happen every day — miracles of hope, growth, and healing.

Horses are amazing therapists. Add a well trained staff and partnerships with the national organizations of Professional Association ofTherapeutic Horsemanship, International (PATH) and Equine Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA), and the possibilities of successful therapy are endless.

Our horse therapy programs:

  • help heal spiritual, physical, emotional,and cognitive injuries and disabilities.
  • build relationship skills by developing confidence, improving communication, increasing self-worth, gaining patience,and learning the value of authentic leadership.
  • are a valued resource to the Chippewa Valley’s many youth agencies, diversion courts, schools, churches and non-profit organizations.

Anu Family Services has worked directly with the Trinity Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) program and has seen first-hand the incredible work that they do.