Meet some of our Hero Foster Parents

Each month we are spotlighting one of our Hero Foster Families each month.   We are so proud of our foster parents.  Our foster parents are true heroes to the children in their homes and they are the heart of our organization!  

January 2020 - Frank and Cindy

When asked "why do you foster" their response was “It fills my heart to know we are able to give kids a safe home where they can grow and develop into amazing people. For us, one of the best parts of fostering is seeing the kids eyes light up when they do something new for the first time. Foster care is a wild ride, but one that I'm glad we decided to get on and hope we can stay on for years to come.”

August 2019 - Mike and Mary

Mike and Mary are our Anu Foster Parents of the Month for August.  When asked why they foster, Mike and Mary replied, "We foster to give support, to love, and to teach other children and their families!"

July 2019-Corie and Ryan

Anu Family Services Foster Parents of the Month for July are Corie and Ryan. They reside in the greater Madison area on a mini-farm with their three children, foster youths and many animals (horses, dogs, cats, and pigs). Both Corie and Ryan are nurses and typically take placements of children who have exceptional medical needs. They have been fostering with Anu since 2015 and have been an amazing asset since day one.

They shared they foster because “We foster because every child deserves to feel safe and loved, and to be given every opportunity for success.”

June 2019 - Joe and Alicia
Joe and Alicia are our Anu Foster Parents of the Month for June.  When asked why they foster Joe and Alicia simply stated: I foster because, God commands it, if not me then who?  

James 1:27 “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world”

Please allow us to introduce you to the Curt and Dawn and their family as we recognize them as our Anu Foster Parents of the Month of May.

May 2019 - Curt and Dawn

Curt and Dawn are proud parents of three children Waylon, Wyatt, and Rachael. Curt and Dawn are very active in their community and enjoy engaging in extracurricular activities. If they are not busy running from a sporting event to an after-school activity, you can find the family caring for the animals they raise on their farm.

Curt and Dawn have been foster parents with Anu since January of 2018. During their time as foster parents, they have provided a home full of hugs, laughs, memories, and love. They welcome all youth into their home with open arms and patience. Their compassion for the youth in their care runs deep, and their children are actively involved in their foster care journey.

April 2019 - Dawn and Mike

Dawn and Mike

Mike and Dawn live in rural Chippewa County on a small hobby farm with cattle, cats, a dog and a variety of 4-H animals. Mike and Dawn joined Anu Family Services in 2010 and have had the privilege of launching 2 foster children off to college with the third placement ready to join her sisters in college life. Mike, Dawn, and their children/youth are very involved in their community, church, school and family lifestyle. Mike and Dawn have 4 grown children, 16 grandchildren, and 1 great-grandson. Dawn owns and operates a hair salon and workout center. Mike works at a local factory.  The children in their home have been involved in 4-H, school sports, and church group.

What fostering means to us:

Our goal is to have a safe house for the kids that had nowhere to go at night or a meal to eat.  When the opportunity to become Foster Parents at Anu Family Service came to us, we decided that it was a step in the right direction. We enjoy seeing our kids thrive and helping launch them into society as positive, productive citizens working towards the goals they have set for themselves.

March 2019 - Briana and Jayson

Briana and Jayson are a hardworking, committed young couple who live in the Wautoma, Wisconsin area.  They were licensed with Anu Family Services in 2018. They are actively involved in their community and enjoy spending time with the three children in their home.  Brian is employed as a medical coder, and Jayson is employed as an electrician.  Briana enjoys bowling and Jayson is a member of the local volunteer fire department.

December 2018 - Michelle and Steve

Steve and Michele have been Anu Foster Parents since 2017. They enjoy spending time with their five adult children and grandchildren.  Steve and Michele reside in rural West Central Wisconsin and are active members of their church.

What fostering means to us:
Being able to open up our hearts and our home to children that need extra love, patience, kindness, and understanding. Being able to be a positive role model in their lives, and learning from the children.

January 2019 - Georgia and Richard

“The best part of being a foster parent is seeing the success that foster youth obtain as they grow older.”

Throughout their time fostering, Richard and Georgia feel as though they have been blessed to watch so many children grow up, graduate high school and even begin to enter the workforce.  They believe that with love, support, and a safe home foster youth can exceed all expectations for success. Richard and Georgia have been provided a home to approximately 73 Foster Youth in their journey as foster parents.

December 2018 - Dana and Stacey

Stacey and Dana have been Anu Foster Parents for over 10 years. They have four adult children and three grandchildren. They live in rural Northern Wisconsin. Throughout their years of fostering they have fostered youth from ages 3-19.

What fostering means to us….. 

We are working in the greatest profession there is…Life.
Seeing youth thrive
Breaking a bad cycle
Seeing the changes and progression
Watching them function in society
Giving them a family atmosphere
Filling our home with Love, Tears, and Laughter
Making a difference one life at a time!