Meet some of our Hero Foster Parents

Each month we are spotlighting one of our Hero Foster Families.   We are so proud of our foster parents.  Our foster parents are true heroes to the children in their homes, and they are the heart of our organization!

November 2022 Foster Parents of the Month

“Each month we recognize one of our tremendous foster parents for the enormous contributions that they make to the children that we serve.

For the month of November, we would like to celebrate Peter & Rebekah Rotondo!

Peter & Rebekah have been foster parents for 2 years now. They live in the quiet community of Brule, WI (near the Brule River and Lake Superior). Peter is a psychotherapist specializing with children and families. Rebekah is a K-5 music teacher. They enjoy being outdoors, hiking, kayaking, exploring, trying new foods, and traveling. They say they are thankful that their extended family supports them being foster parents in a variety of ways.

When asked what they like most about being foster parents they said, "We are thankful to be able to provide a safe, loving place for children in transition. We are most excited to experience the growth our foster children achieves during their brief time with us."

Thank you, Peter & Rebekah, for everything you do for children in foster care. We are happy that you are part of the Anu family.”

October 2022 Foster Parent of the Month

Each month we recognize one of our Hero foster parents for the enormous contributions that they make to the children that we serve.

This month we would like to recognize Tara Floyd. Tara resides in the Milwaukee area and has been licensed by Anu for just under one year. Tara works with the Milwaukee Public School system as a Trauma Support Specialist and School Support Teacher. Tara shared with us that she was in foster care as a youth, offering a valuable perspective to children placed in her care.

When asked what she likes most about being a foster parent, Tara said that she enjoys being able to care for children, both as a foster parent and within the school system.

Thank you, Tara, for your support of foster youth. We are very happy that you are part of the Anu family.

September 2022 Foster Parents of the Month

This month, we would like to thank Michelle & Eugene Nelson.

Michelle and Eugene make a wonderful team; one that makes their foster youth’s lives enriched with love and attention.

The Nelsons always try to meet the kids, "where they are" and offer them unconditional love while also offering them structure. This creates a wonderful space for the youth to use their imaginations.

They enjoy keeping busy around the house, traveling, decorating, crafting, and spending time with family and their cute dogs.

Thank you, Michelle & Eugene, for everything you do to help foster youth. We are happy you are part of the Anu family.

August 2022 Foster Parents of the Month

Anu Family Services would like to welcome the Cooper family. Nicole and Calvin recently became licensed foster parents and have hit the ground running! Along with their two amazing children, Nicole and Calvin enjoy spending time with family and friends, going to the beach, working on family projects together, playing with their pets, and being a family.

 We are very excited and happy to have the Coopers become Anu heroes by helping foster youth find a safe, stable, and nurturing home.

June 2022 Foster Parents of the Month

For the month of June, join us in celebrating Foster Parents Dione and Meri White. The Whites have been licensed Foster Parents with Anu Family Services since 2011 and have impacted the lives of many children and families during their 11 years. The Whites enjoy traveling, spending time as a family and being active in their community. We are very thankful each day for having such a wonderful family as part of our TFC program!

February 2022 Foster Parent of the Month

For the month of February, join us in celebrating our foster parent of the month, Tiffany! Tiffany is our newest licensed foster parent here at Anu Family Services. We are more than thankful to have her. Though Tiffany has only been licensed since January 2022, Tiffany has been an intricate part of the Anu family for years as a respite support to many of our Milwaukee area families. Tiffany has years of experience working with youth in out-of-home care, and we are confident that she will continue to shine positivity on the world around her. Welcome, Tiffany!

November 2021 Foster Parent of the Month

For the month of November, Anu would like to highlight our youngest foster parent, Delaney, located in Waupaca. Delaney has been a foster parent for one year.

When asked why Delaney fosters, Delaney shared it “is to help out the youth who need a place to feel safe and secure. To have a place where they can grow and be kids and themselves. One of the main reasons I went into fostering was because I grew up with my parents fostering and adopting. Along with them always having an open and loving home. I always looked up to them for that and know that’s exactly what I wanted to have and do when I was older.”


October 2021 Foster Parents of the Month

For the month of October we are celebrating Krista & Bill Herum-Chamberlin from River Falls, WI. They have been with Anu for almost 4 years, and they are dedicated and committed to helping children have the best quality of life possible. When asked why they do foster care, they stated, "The reason we do foster care is to provide children with stability, love, and provide for their needs."