Working with youth of all ages What About The Kids

The children and we serve may have emotional and behavioral challenges that are often complicated by cognitive, developmental, or medical disabilities. These children have often experienced abuse and neglect and need a safe environment where they can be supported in the healing process.

At Anu Family Service, we work with youth from birth to age 21. We serve children on the continuum of care in family preservation, out-of-home care, and post-permanency support. The majority of children receiving services have experienced trauma, and our calling is to help provide healing services while creating strong connections and networks of support.

On average, we receive referrals for 1000+ children each year who need a foster home placement—Anu Family Services licenses and trains treatment foster homes to address the child’s grief and trauma. We currently have a critical shortage of licensed families and need more families who are willing to become licensed.  

We have identified a model of healing at Anu that creates profound results when fully implemented. We utilize components of Present Moment Parenting in every service at Anu to create healing and hope. Please read our stories and considering becoming a Healing Parent yourself.

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