Education and support Community Based Flexible Support Program

The Community Based Flexible Support Program provides in-home and community-based education and support for adults and/or children to assist them with increasing independence, practicing skills that keep them healthy, promoting positive well-being, and connecting them to their community.

As a leader in the field of trauma-effective services, Anu's goal for this program was to use our expertise to address a service gap identified with our partner, the Western Region Recovery and Wellness Consortium (RWC).

Anu's Community Based Flexible Support Program was developed to directly respond to a gap in services identified by our partner, the Western Region Recovery and Wellness Consortium (RWC). The CCS program serves adults with mental illness and substance use disorders or children with severe emotional disturbance. They are designed to be community-based, enhance recovery, and continually build on quality improvement. The Community Based Flexible Support Program offers services that are flexible to the individuals that we serve. Our program philosophy is to increase well-being through increased independence, skill development through education and support, and to connect individuals to their community. Overall, the Community Based Flexible Support Program is a client-driven program across all ages, working towards independence.

Often, Anu Family Services pursues a project because of a gap in service. Our innovative approach is to develop expertise by doing research, demonstrating, and building internal capacity. We provide Community Based Flexible Support Services within Western Wisconsin and the RWC. The RWC consortium consists of eight Wisconsin counties, including Washburn, Polk, Dunn, Pierce, Rusk, Chippewa, Pepin, and Buffalo.  

So what is it?

Our Community Based Flexible Support Services Specialist will provide hands-on education and support for consumer/participant independence. Our Flexible Support Specialist may provide the following:
  • Support consumers in learning skills for daily living.
  • Identify and teach consumers skills that support them in being a part of their community.
  • Support consumers in making healthy decisions and choices.
  • Provide support, education, and self-care techniques with consumers.

The Flexible Support Specialist assists the consumer with specific tasks described in the treatment plan to teach and model the strategies for meeting the identified needs.  These tasks may include but are not limited to assisting with the morning routine, practicing self-regulation skills, or creating a weekly budget. 

Anu’s Flexible Support Specialist help clients understand the importance of maintaining a positive support network, identify people for that support, and develop a plan for accessing identified people when needed.

Case Examples:

The Flexible Support Specialist is currently working with an individual who is 20 years old and was adopted early. The individual has been receiving social services since birth. The Flexible Support Specialist is helping the individual transition from her parents’ home to an apartment. The FS Specialist is helping the individual with a wellness chart that includes showering, taking her medication, eating healthy, and keeping her apartment clean. Another client needs support and companionship during speech and occupational therapy. The individual qualifies for medical transportation, but the Flexible Support Specialist can provide needed one-on-one support and advocacy.  

What are County Social Workers saying about the program?

"I feel that this Flexible support has been very beneficial to our rural area!!!  I hope we can keep her and the services since there are so many options you all have to offer.”  

“Thus far, we have found the Flexible Support Services to be very beneficial to our consumers!  Specifically, the Flexible Support Specialist has worked well to understand the consumer and align her efforts to match the consumer’s individual service plan's goals.  Because the CCS program is voluntary and consumer-based, consumers are central in developing their goals. They must see that when they express their needs, providers can match needs with services. The Flexible Support Program has provided this successfully! Finally, the Flexible Support Specialist has been great with communication and coordination, with the consumer needs at the center of the discussion.  We are grateful to have this service is available to our consumers!”

Community-Based Flexible Support Services FAQs:

Does your program serve both children and adults?

We offer services to all ages.

Does the Community Based Flexible Support Program provide therapeutic services?

The Community Based Flexible Support Program is not therapy, but works within a trauma-effective professional culture and under clinical supervision. We work closely with the consumers/program participants’ team members to meet the Recovery Plan goals.

Will your program provide transportation services?

We can assist in the transportation needs of program participants as related to consumer/program goals.

Will you provide services in the home?

Our program may provide services in the home and in the community.

What hours are your staff available?

We will work to be flexible to meet the program participant’s needs for scheduling. We often meet with the participants 2-3 times a week.

What type of funding do you accept?

We currently accept CCS funding. Flexible Support Services can be billed under the Individual Skill Development and Enhancement and/or Psychoeducation service array.