Healing for today. Hope for tomorrow. Top 10 Ways To Know Would Make a Great Foster Parent

10. Kids are drawn to you… the whole neighborhood hangs out at your house!

9. You ask “what happened to you” and not “what’s wrong with you” when you see a child exhibiting pain-based behavior.

8. You believe that consequences are over-rated and know that the relationship is the most important.

7. Instead of “chores,” you give children opportunities to contribute to the family!

6. You use positive language and reaffirming messages.

5. You’ve tried integrative therapies and practices like yoga, reiki, chiropractic, massage, aromatherapy, mindfulness stress reduction, naturopathy, and loved them!!

4. You see all behavior as a form of communication.

3. You know that relationships and respect hold the real power for change with kids.

2. You use “time-ins” instead of “time-outs” and prefer to keep your kids close.

And the #1 way to know you might be a great foster parent
You believe, to your core, that nurturing the whole child is necessary for true wellbeing.

If these “TOP 10” describe you at all, then we ask, “Why not become a foster parent for Anu Family Services?”

These facts may move you to consider fostering:

  • The average length of stay for a child in Anu Family Services foster care is nine months. Even committing to a year of doing this work will profoundly impact youth and your community.
  • By fostering one child, you have left a positive emotional imprint on generations to come.
  • Children who age out (leave a foster home when they are 18) without achieving permanency (reunification or adoption) have significantly higher homelessness rates, alcohol and drug issues, and incarceration.
  • Anu Family Services’ Permanency Rate (the percentage of children who return home or are adopted) is close to 70%. Your calling in life may be to adopt a child, or it may be to get a child back to his “own people.” Either way, you can contribute enormously through fostering.
  • Your neighbors, kids’ classmates, teammates, and youth in your community are being moved to other towns and across the state because there aren’t enough foster homes to keep them “home.”
  • You are a healer. Maybe you never considered that your professional life and your home life might both be healing endeavors. We invite you to consider that now.

If you are interested in more information about becoming a foster parent, call 877-287-2441 and press 2 or email Becky Germain at bgermain@anufs.org.

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