Trauma-Informed Treatment Foster Care With Healing Parents Treatment Foster Care Services

Anu offers Treatment Foster Care Services for children who have experienced significant trauma, abuse, neglect or medical issues. Each child’s needs are carefully assessed to establish individualized programming and matching to a treatment foster home qualified to meet his or her emotional, developmental, behavioral and/or medical needs. Healing foster parents are trained in Trauma-Informed Parenting principles.

Treatment Foster Care Related Services include:

Medically Fragile Specialized Care

Treatment foster care and respite are available to children and youth with complex medical conditions that might otherwise require hospitalization or institutional care.

Respite Foster Care

Short-term care provided by families designed to provide relief care to treatment foster families caring for children with emotional, developmental, behavioral and/or medical needs.

Step Down from Residential Setting

Treatment foster care available for returning to the community after a stay in a residential care setting.

In Wisconsin, Foster Parents are licensed under DCF 56 as a Level 2, 3 or 4 foster home. In Minnesota, Foster Parents are licensed under DHS Rule 4.

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