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Creating a Permanence Driven Organization
A Guidebook for Change in Child Welfare

Anu Family Services is pleased to announce, in partnership with the University of Minnesota’s Center for Advanced Studies in Child Welfare, this new guidebook which assists organizations who are interested in increasing their permanency outcomes.  Since 2006, Anu has engaged in a journey towards increasing the number of youth discharged to permanent settings.  Anu has demonstrated significant increases in permanence and is ever-closer to reaching our “Big Hairy Audacious Goal” of “being the last placement, prior to permanence, for 90% of the youth we serve.”  Anu provides technical assistance and training in this area nationally and internationally, and we hope this guidebook helps you and your organization promote practices that help you to join us on this bold journey, too.  Please call us for more information, printed copies of this publication, or to learn more about our training and consulting to support child permanence and wellbeing.


The Youth Connections Scale (YCS)

The YCS was developed to measure relational permanence
of youth in out-of-home placements

The scale consists of four sections which measure: 

  • The number of connections
  • The strength of those connections
  • The types of supports
  • The overall level of connectedness of foster youth to caring & supportive adults.

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