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"Being a foster parent is the best thing I have ever done BAR NONE. . . other than meeting my wife. . . because she introduced me to this."   - Dave, Anu Foster Parent

At Anu Family Services we understand “Traumatized, disconnected children don’t talk grief. They do grief.” We have found children process their grief and loss, not on Tuesday at 2 p.m. in a therapist’s office, but instead at bedtime when they won’t settle down to sleep or when a simple request to brush teeth or pick up a backpack results in a complete meltdown. Traditionally, medication and treatment designed for non-traumatized children or adults has been used for children in foster care. This approach has often not only fails to advance child wellbeing, but results in added trauma. It’s time to do something different.

Through a foundation in research, we have created a model designed to nurture the wellbeing of children, not just treat their disorders. We realize only this will promote lasting healing. 

So, we call on individuals and families who are natural healers: patient, understanding and nurturing, to answer the call to become Healing Foster Parents.


A healing parent is open and flexible and understands children and youth who have experienced trauma often communicate their grief and loss through pain-based behaviors.

The notice rather than judge and understand the power of connections in healing.


Healing parents create trusting environments where children and youth can form safe connections and make sense of their grief and loss.

This allows youth to heal their trauma and advance their wellbeing.

Healing Parents are licensed under Wisconsin DCF 56 as a Level 3 or 4 Foster Home and are provided specialized training by Anu Family Services in the areas of grief, loss, trauma and present-moment parenting.

Our Model of Wellbeing is comprised of:

  • Trauma-Informed Parenting
  • Integrative Healing Services
  • Building Networks of Supportive Connections
  • Grief, Loss and Trauma Work

We accomplish excellence in treatment through:

  • Low caseloads.
  • High treatment family involvement.
  • Extraordinary foster parent and staff education.
  • Frequent contacts with each child, adult and treatment home.
  • Use of parenting models that do not rely primarily on the use of punishment and reward or control.


Why Choose Anu?


  • Daily support from responsive workers. When you need a call back, you will get one!
  • 24/7 On Call Services.
  • Networking with other Treatment Families.


  • Agency Sponsored training
  • Comprehensive Education Program.
  • Consultation Services.
  • Foster Parent Education Allowances
  • Individual Training Plans


  • Opportunity to choose who you work with.
  • Referrals well matched to your talents and interests.
  • Consultation Services.
  • Referrals sources include over 80 tribes and counties, Special Needs Adoption Program, and Department of Corrections. (This results in more children to choose from resulting in a better match for the child AND your family.


2014 Eureka! Award from MPLS/St. Paul Business Journal

2014 Youth Thrive Award for Exemplary Programs

2013 Bush Foundation Innovation Prize

2013 Special Recognition for Quality Innovation, COA

2012 Special Recognition for Innovative Practices, COA

2011 Special Recognition for Quality Innovation, COA

If you are interesting in more information about becoming a Healing Foster Parent, call 877-287-2441 and press 7 or email Or Complete an Interest Form

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