Intensive Permanence Services

Intensive Permanence Service (IPS) offer youth, families and agencies the opportunity to engage in exhaustive search for connections that help youth connect or reconnect with their family. To prepare for this, youth heal the relational trauma by addressing the grief and loss they have experienced.  

IPS services use the best youth-driven evidence informed and innovative practices available to help youth connect and reconnect with caring adults. IPS incorporates a research informed evaluation tool called the Youth Connections Scale (YCS) which measures youth perception of connectedness with caring adults. Initial and interim scales identify significant improvement the degree of connectedness a youth can articulate which validates the enhanced connectedness youth are experiencing. One primary goal of this intervention is to connect youth with a permanency option before they age out of care and in that process create numerous strong connections between youth and caring adults that can serve the youth on into adulthood.

IPS Staff have low caseloads in order to focus closely with each client and help them navigate the complexities encountered when connecting and reconnect with caring adults. IPS Staff help youth create a web of connectedness and create greater opportunities for permanency.

Modest Investment = Big Results

Youth in out-of-home care can require investments of many thousands of dollars per month. IPS services are about 10% of the average annual cost of residential placement.This means that 15 youth can be served each year for about the cost of 2 residential placements.

 AND Services can be delivered in ANY setting: e.g. adoptive home, foster home, group home, or residential. Services follow the youth.


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"My IPS worker connected me with family, and now after 10 years in foster care, I am going to live with my aunt, who supports my education, will help me with budgeting and who told me she loves and wants me in her home."    

"My IPS worker found 45 family members I didn’t even know I had!  They made me a book, sent pictures and letters, and told me they loved me. They never forgot me and will always love me no matter where I am.  For 10 years, I didn’t think I had any family and that I was alone.  Now I have people who love and care about me and I am working to rebuild my relationships with them."

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