Strong. Positive Connections. Individualized Trauma Services:

After multiple losses and broken relationships, normal, healthy brains turn off their ability to connect.

Individualized Trauma Services (ITS) help youth or adults grieve and heal from past losses, enhancing individuals' ability to engage in and form healthy, stable relationships. ITS reduces the effects of ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) and other losses by mitigating the impact of trauma on persons served.

Individualized Trauma Services is:

  • Innovative and consumer-driven
  • Effective in promoting healing and reducing pain-based behaviors
  • A supplement to therapy or a stand-alone service

Individualized Trauma Services help...

Youth or adults who have a history of trauma or losses exhibit challenging or disruptive behaviors or seem unable to connect in meaningful relationships. Including…

  • Individuals who have been adopted
  • Youth living in out of home care
  • Individuals involved in child protection or mental health
  • Youth living with grandparents or other relatives
  • Individuals involved in corrections

After others have given up on youth, we have found success and hope.

The need for Individualized Trauma Services is supported in research...

Strong, positive connections in the family and community are associated with lower levels of unhealthy risk-taking and the development of a caring, confident, and competent young person.1 Without stability and continuity within relationships to secure attachment, it is difficult to resolve painful losses and actualize a more secure sense of the future.2

[1] National Institute for Permanent Family Connectedness, 2009
[2] Henry, Darla. The 3-5-7 Model: Preparing Children for Permanency, 2005

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