Intensive Permanence Services for youth, families and agencies Intensive Permanence Services

Intensive Permanence Services (IPS) offers youth, families, and agencies the opportunity to engage in an exhaustive search for connections that help youth connect or reconnect with their family or fictive kin. To prepare for this, youth heal relational trauma by addressing grief and loss.

IPS uses the best youth-driven, evidence-informed, and innovative practices to help youth connect and reconnect with caring adults. IPS incorporates a valid and reliable evaluation tool called the Youth Connections Scale (YCS), which measures youth perception of connectedness with caring adults. One primary goal of this intervention is to connect youth with a permanency option before they age out of care and, in that process, create numerous strong connections between youth and caring adults that can serve the youth on into adulthood.

IPS staff have low caseloads to focus closely with each client and help them navigate the complexities encountered when connecting and reconnecting with caring adults. IPS Staff help youth create a web of connectedness and create opportunities for permanency.

Youth in out-of-home care can require investments of many thousands of dollars per month. IPS services are a fraction of the average annual cost of residential placement.

This means that 15 youth can be served each year for about the cost of 2 residential placements.

These services can be delivered in ANY setting: e.g., adoptive home, foster home, group home, or residential. Services follow the youth; where the youth goes, IPS follows.

What People Say:

“He's a completely different kid. He’s happy. He’s a self-advocate. He’s gotten off almost all of his medications. He’s active in school activities, as well as some sports. The connectedness to Dad is making him feel whole again…seriously wouldn’t recognize him as he was two years ago. It’s been amazing. He has aspirations to go to college. He has hope for the future. It’s inspiring!”

To make a referral, call 1.877.287.2441, or complete a referral form online.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does the IPS program look like?

We engage in a wide range of activities that combine evidence-based models and holistic approaches to create safety, trust, and healing while providing psycho-education on grief, loss, and trauma.

How is IPS/ITS different than therapy?

IPS/ITS is not therapy, but it’s therapeutic. The specialists work alongside the client, typically within the client’s home or community, to heal their grief, loss, and trauma at the pace of the client. Additionally, the specialist works in collaboration with therapists to ensure everyone is on the same page, and focus on different goals with the client.

What does youth-driven mean?

Youth-driven means the client has the ability to hire/fire the Intensive Permanence Specialist without risk of being penalized by the team. It is the client’s healing work to do, and only they can determine if/when they’re ready for it, and if so, at what pace. If they so choose to fire their specialist, there are clear guidelines they must follow to insure it is truly what they want to happen.

Why is the timeline 18-24 months?

IPS has four phases; Trusting, Healing, Connecting, and Supporting. As in any relationship, Trusting must happen first as it is the foundation. Based on the client’s trauma history, this phase can take anywhere from 9-12 months and is often continually tested throughout the relationship with the Intensive Permanence Specialist.