Identifying safe and appropriate placement options in urgent cases. FastTrack to a Family

The purpose of the FastTrack to a Family (FT2F) service is to identify safe, appropriate kin/fictive kin placement options for children entering out-of-home care due to a need for an emergency placement order.

The goal for each case is to identify a minimum of 70 additional relatives within 30 days.

In accordance with guidance provided by the referring agency, any relatives expressing interest in placement will be thoroughly screened. The placement decision is made by the referring county agency.

Goal of FT2F
Within 30 days, a minimum of 1 viable placement option will be found for 70% of youth and a minimum of 2 viable placement options will be found for 50% of those youth. Viable placement options are those caregivers who are known to or related to the child.

The FastTrack to a Family service is for children and youth of any age entering out-of-home care due to a need for an emergency placement order. However, youth must be referred for services within 72 hours a@er the initial removal and prior to the initial placement hearing.

The youth’s length of services is generally 30 days; some cases may require moderate extensions in Timeframes (due to delayed background checks, paternity tests, etc.).

  • Children and Adolescents waiting for a home
  • Siblings & sibling sets
  • Children of all ages 

  • Fast Track Specialist attends the initial court hearing to meet with family and begin identifying possible relative supports and/or placement options.
  • When a potential relative provider is identified, the Fast Track Specialist will ensure the provider passes background/safety checks and discuss the placement possibility with referring worker.
  • Typically, the Fast Track services end within approximately 30 days.
  • If the process needs to be extended, the Fast Track Specialist will openly communicate this with the referring worker and a plan will be developed collaboratively.
  • Upon case closure, the Fast Track Specialist will provide all case documentation to the referring agency/worker.