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Equal Opportunity Employer

Anu Family Services, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer and considers applicants for all positions on the basis of qualifications and without regard to race, ethnicity, religion, gender, age, marital status, disability, sexual orientation or any other legally protected status. No question in this application is used for the purpose of limiting or excusing any applicant's consideration for employment on a basis prohibited by local, state, or federal law.

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Equal Employment Advisory Council Revised Alternative "Suggested Employee Questionnaire" for Self-Identification of Race/Ethnicity


Anti-Discrimination Notice. It is an unlawful employment practice for an employer to fail or refuse to hire or discharge any individual, or otherwise to discriminate against any individual with respect to that individual’s terms and conditions of employment, because of such individual’s race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.

This employer is subject to certain nondiscrimination and affirmative action record keeping and reporting requirements which require the employer to invite employees to voluntarily self-identify their race/ethnicity. Submission of this information is voluntary and refusal to provide it will not subject you to any adverse treatment. The information obtained will be kept confidential and may only be used in accordance with the provisions of applicable federal laws, executive orders, and regulations, including those which require the information to be summarized and reported to the Federal Government for civil rights enforcement purposes. If you choose not to self-identify your race/ethnicity at this time, the federal government requires this employer to determine this information by visual survey and/or other available information. For civil rights monitoring and enforcement purposes only, all race/ethnicity information will be collected and reported in the seven categories identified below. The definitions for each category have been established by the federal government. If you choose to voluntarily self-identify, you may mark only one of the boxes presented below.


What is your race/ethnicity? Please mark the one box that describes the race/ethnicity category with which you primarily identify.

Disclaimer and Acknowledgement

I certify that the information contained in this application is correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that to falsify or misrepresent information is grounds for refusing to hire me, or discharging me at anytime should I be hired.

I authorize any of the persons and organizations listed in this application to give you any and all information concerning my previous employment, education and qualifications for employment. I also authorize you to request and receive such information. I understand that any offer is contingent upon acceptable reference checks. I also understand that any offer is contingent upon successful completion of appropriate background checks.

In consideration for my employment, I agree to conform to the policies and procedures of Anu Family Services, Inc. I acknowledge that policies may change, be withdrawn or interpreted at any time, at Anu's sole option and without prior notice to me.

I understand that no representative of Anu has any authority to enter any agreement for employment for any specified period of time or to promise any other personnel action., either before or after I accept employment, or to guarantee any benefits or terms or conditions of employment or to make any other agreement which is contrary to this agreement. I understand that anything said during the selection process shall not be deemed to constitute the terms of an implied employment contract.

I also acknowledge that employment is an "at will" relationship and may be terminated, or any offer or acceptance of employment withdrawn, at any time, with or without cause and with or without prior notice at the option of Anu Family Services, Inc. or myself.

I have read and understand this agreement.